Partners & Products Portfolio

Our Goal in Egypto Medical for Trading (EMT) is to be one of the major healthcare providers in the region, and that’s the reason of our continuous search for the best quality companies to be our partners in the Egyptian Market.

Apollo-Allergan (USA)

Apollo the Leader in Endoscopic Surgery has been acquired from Allergan’s number of leading products including BIB® & Orbera® Intragastric Balloon Systems (BIB) and the LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding System.

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Medimetal (Hungary)

Mr Istvan Antal and Mr Istvan Stefan (founders of Medimetal Ltd) were the pioneers of development and manufacturing of trauma implants and instruments in Hungary in 1971. They are dedicated to improving traumatology in Hungary and have continuously researched and invested to expand the product range through development and innovation since the 1970’s. Medimetal Ltd has been in operation in its current form since 1993.

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Mortara (USA)

Founded in 1982 by David W. Mortara, PhD, Mortara Instrument was born with a guiding philosophy: design to a need, keep it simple, and make it economically accessible. Building on this philosophy, Mortara Instrument has created a complete line of electrocardiography (ECG) products that are well suited to today’s health care market. Mortara offers an impressive portfolio of innovative diagnostic cardiology products aimed at satisfying unique clinical needs, whether hospital or office based.

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Surgival (Spain)

SURGIVAL (GRUPO COSÍAS) consists of two companies specialized in the production, marketing and distribution of implants for traumatology, prosthesis for orthopedic surgery and surgical instrumentation. SURGIVAL focuses exclusively on manufacturing high added value orthopedic products using state-of-the-art technology.

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