BIB® – Orbera® SYSTEM

How long is the BIB® – Orbera® left in place?
The BIB® – Orbera® may remain in place for six months. Over time the acidic content of the stomach will weaken the BIB® – Orbera® material and cause the BIB® – Orbera® to deflate so longer periods of use are not recommended. Should your physician recommend use of the BIB® – Orbera® for longer than six months, it is necessary that the BIB® – Orbera® be replaced with a new one when the six-month interval has been met. While the BIB® – Orbera® is in place, your physician may prescribe a course of oral medication to reduce your stomach acid.


BIB® – Orbera® Removal: The BIB® – Orbera® is normally removed in the same way it was placed, via the mouth. As with the placement of the BIB® – Orbera® your physician will introduce a catheter through your mouth and into your stomach. They will then puncture and deflate the BIB® – Orbera®. Once the BIB® – Orbera® is deflated it can be grasped and removed.
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